• Made in Switzerland

    Specific Expertise in Ultrasonic Technology

  • Ultrasonic Press Welders

    Modular Ultrasonic Welders 20. 35 & 70 kHz

  • Work Horns Sonotrodes

    FEA Computer Designed Ultrasonic Sonotrodes

  • Textiles & Films

    Ultrasonic Welders for Textiles and Films

  • ECO-Line Hand Welders

    Hand-held Ultrasonic Spot Welders & Cutters

  • Fixtures

    Precision Fixtures Customised to Requirement

  • Food Cutting

    Ultrasonic Cutting of Foodstuffs

  • Packagaing Solutions

    Actuators for Welding Tubes and Pouches

  • Micro Welding Equipment

    Ultrasonic Welders for Precise Micro Applications

  • Automation

    Innovative Design Precision Engineering

Ultrasonic Plastic Welders & Ultrasonic Cutting Systems

RINCO ULTRASONICS develops and manufactures customised ultrasonic welding and cutting equipment.

Ultrasonic welding is a very fast and economical joining technology for thermoplastics and it is applied in a wide range of industry sectors:

Automotive industry – Medical device industry – Textile processing – Food processing – Packaging technology – Electrical engineering – Plant and machinery construction – Telecommunications – Household & Leisure


Rinco Ultrasonics Switzerland is represented in Australia by Techspan Australia Pty Limited. Techspan supply high technology industrial plant and machinery to the manufacturing and service industries. Techspan have been involved with ultrasonics since 1979, building a wealth of knowledge in plastic joining technologies.

Techspan operate central distribution warehousing facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. Our office is located in Brisbane QLD. Techspan Australia is part of the Techspan Group.

About Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial process where electrical energy is converted into mechanical vibration.

About Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonics can be used for cutting. It is ideally suited for textiles and non-woven fabrics with a certain content of thermplastic fibres. Ultrasonics is also used of cutting of foodstuffs…