About Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic cutting technology is suitable for the cutting & sealing of textiles and non-woven fabrics with a certain proportion of thermoplastic fibres.

Compared to mechanical cutting, it has the advantage that the cut edges do not fray. Due to the ultrasonic vibrations, heat is generated in the cutting zone area which seals the cut edge. This ensures the highest quality of the separating edge and there is no need for additional sewing work to create seams whatsoever.

Ultrasonics is also ideally suited to cutting foodstuffs – particularly those which are very crumbly, creamy or soft. With the help of ultrasonics, there is no deformation of the product, meaning even extremely thin slices can be cut.

Rinco Ultrasonics equipment can be supplied to suit specific cutting requirements, whether it be simple or complex.

Video – Ultrasonic Cutting Textiles

Video – Ultrasonic Food Cutting