There is an increasing trend among vehicle manufacturers in the use of plastics, as they permit a degree of design freedom. The use of plastics also provides a reduction in the overall weight.

Thermoplastics contribute towards extending the service life of the components and increasing the safety of the vehicle. That is why ultrasonic welding technology is a key component of the automotive industry sector and it is becoming increasingly more important.

Rinco Ultrasonics components can be integrated easily into robotic arms and multiple-head machines.

Regardless of whether you need to weld plastic components for rear lights, loudspeakers and air filters, or to cut and seal non-woven materials for interior door trims in a single operation, we will be happy to help you find the right solution to your plastics joining problems.


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Products in the high-tech sector have shorter life cycles than in any other industry. This is why it is important to optimise the production process and keep downtimes to a minimum. However, quality must not suffer as a result. High-tech products move with the times and their design must follow suit. To cope with all this, flexible suppliers and manufacturers of tools and components are needed.

With RINCO ULTRASONICS AG on your side, you are choosing a partner who will provide you with expert advice and who guarantees quick delivery. Our machines are durable and inexpensive to maintain, while services and tool changes are carried out in no time at all. Thanks to their modular construction, our ultrasonic welding machines permit a high degree of flexibility. Ultrasonic welding is also a very quick joining technology, which will noticeably reduce your production time. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your next project.


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Ultrasonic technology is becoming ever more popular in the field of packaging. The widest variety of containers, such as tubes, bottles, bags, blister packs and so on, are welded, punched, cut and sealed. For this technology, in contrast to many other welding technologies, it does not matter whether or not the contents are heat-sensitive. Ultrasonic welding is a very gentle procedure, whereby no heat is applied to the object and the tool remains cold during the process. It is also more environmentally friendly as no additives are required, and time-saving as the tool does not become dirty during the welding process.

Thanks to this highly developed technology, processing speeds and quality have increased tremendously. Product build-up in the welding area is no longer a problem here, yet the seam is still of perfect quality.


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Ultrasonics is ideally suited to cutting of foodstuffs – particularly those which are very crumbly, creamy or soft in texture. With the help of ultrasonic cutting, there is no deformation of the product, meaning even extremely thin slices can be cut. The minimal surface friction guarantees a clean cut with little – if any – product build-up on the ultrasonic cutting blade.

Quick and clean cuts result in increased productivity and minimal cleaning times. The advantage of the RINCO cutting system is that it is waterproof and can therefore be cleaned in situ, meaning there is no need for any components to be removed. RINCO ULTRASONICS machines also promise exact reproducibility, the highest levels of precision and a long service life.


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Ultrasonic cutting technology is suitable for textiles and non-woven fabrics with a certain proportion of thermoplastic fibres. Compared to mechanical cutting, it has the advantage that the cut edges do not fray. Due to the ultrasonic vibrations, heat is generated in the cutting zone area which seals the cut edge. This ensures the high quality of the separating edge and there is no need for additional sewing work to create seams.

Ultrasonic technology is not only used for cutting, but also for embossing, punching or welding together several textiles. Whether for manual work or installation in special purpose machines, by simply integrating ultrasonic technology, processes can be optimised and solutions found for new applications.


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Ultrasonic Welding with Robotics

Ultrasonic Cutting & Welding of Textiles

The demands for quality and product reliability are particularly high in the medical industry.  Machinery and devices which are used in cleanrooms are subject to many conditions. Maximum precision and reproducibility must be ensured.

Rinco Ultrasonics have developed a product line especially for the medical industry which meets all the requirements for machines in this demanding industry, including the highest levels of quality for the welding results, as well as a fully enclosed covering made of chromium steel and tools. Rinco guarantee absolute process control by recording the parameters in the form of process graphics including measurement values, which also includes recording software for validation purposes and quality assurance monitoring. The Dynamic 3000 Cleanroom ultrasonic welding machine also conforms to ISO 6 class in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and the machine Electrical Motion is electrically driven, thereby it reaches even more precise welding results.


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Ultrasonic Welding of products in the household technology area is a very diverse one. Short product life cycles and innovations demand the highest degree of flexibility.

Ultrasonic welding machines from RINCO ULTRASONICS AG are ideal when it comes to being flexible. The RInco machines are fitted with a quick-change system, which allows you to replace tools within the shortest period of time. And thanks to the modular construction of our machines, a manual workstation can be developed into an automation line at any time.


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A great deal of attention is paid to packaging design, particularly in the field of cosmetics – and it is not always easy to reconcile this with hygiene and health factors. However, RINCO products offer an excellent solution. With our ultrasonic welding machines, thermoplastics with painted, textured or polished surfaces can be welded without being damaged. And what’s more, no harmful joining materials are required to connect the components. We also have a product line which includes machines that are specially designed for cleanrooms. Rinco Ultrasonics products are distinguished by their durability and straightforward maintenance.

Would you like to stay flexible? No problem. Thanks to the modular construction of our machines, a manual workstation can be developed into an automation line in no time. We will be happy to advise you on your next project.


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