These NEW hand held units have never weighed so little. Thanks to the reinforced plastic housing and an ergonomic design, the new HG35-EC and HG35-RS ultrasonic hand welding guns are extremely light yet also robust.

As we set great store by comfortable and ergonomic working, we focussed on weight and design in particular when developing the latest versions of our hand units. This has resulted in two hand units that are not only very reliable but also incredibly light. At just 600 g including converter, the new ultrasonic hand welding guns weigh the same as a cup of tea. For a better grip, the handle features a soft-touch surface.


As well as ergonomics, we have taken other features into account to make working easier. These include an LED to indicate the status of the generator and an integrated cooling system to keep sonotrode and converter at a constantly low working temperature. A work light and a suspension eye are also included as standard. Like all of our products, the new ultrasonic hand welding guns are very straightforward, safe and intuitive to operate. The durable push-button with high-precision ultrasonic trigger point makes working even easier. And if the converter or sonotrode ever needs to be replaced, this can be done in next to no time.

The new ultrasonic hand welding guns are ideal for spot welding, cutting, riveting, inserting, embedding and flanging thermoplastics or synthetic textiles. The HG35-RS is compatible with our RDG and SDB generators at a frequency of 35 kHz. The HG35-EC is available to purchase as a set with the Ecoline 35 generator and corresponding service tool.

Convenient, yet strong: RINCO ultrasonic hand welding guns are perfect for spot welding, cutting, riveting, inserting, embedding and flanging thermoplastics. These high-performance ultrasonic hand welding units possess a number of attractive features.

The housing on the HG35 EC and HG35 RS ultrasonic hand welding guns is made from reinforced plastic, making the guns both robust and extremely lightweight. The ergonomic handle features a non-slip soft-touch surface and the shape of the hand units ensures that they are well balanced.

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